[ BLADE RUNNER BLASTER ] Received my first blaster and broke it.. advice appreciated


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This is my first post on RPF, I hope to have a good time here with all of you!

I am from the Netherlands and just bought my first Blade Runner Blaster from a collector for good price. It's illegal to ship a Tomenosuke to the Netherlands so this was one of the few options I had.

When it arrived I realized why he sold it for lower than usual price... the paintjob was very bad and the structural itntegrity of the prop was horrible ( it was shaky and loose ). This did not show on the add ( it showed a modern casting ).

Also, the frame seemed to be broken from the start.

I received what would have been a nice model if it was painted correctly and looked after better..

All things concidered I could have bought something worse and decided to paint it and fix it up.

I was so very pleased by my first results!

here is a before and after shot ( bottom old, top new )


So.. I SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT ALONE.. and I didn't..

The basic frame of the replica was not straight and I did several attempts to straighten it out and make it less wonky ( the barrel would be very crooked and it annoyed me a great deal.

After several attemps with plastic glue the resin got soft and SHATTERED after my last try at correcting the barrel.

Two pics for reference of the part.

Does anyone have any idea If this can be fixed? I am devistated to say the least.




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I don't see why not, almost any break is fixable. Just glue it back together with epoxy and hold it in place by hand until it sets. Fill in the gaps and sand it smooth. Is it resin or cast metal?


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It breaks my heart when I see something like this. My advice is the same as robn1.
Good luck.


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As others have already said, JB Weld or epoxy will fix that. Once it's cured, you'll be able to fill any gaps and smooth it all out. If you want a bit more to hold it together along with the epoxy, you'll have to insert some pins that key into the 2 parts at each broken end... possibly one set of pins (at least 2) on the frame and one set on the part at the other broken end.

If you still can't fix it, and are about to throw it against the wall in frustration, send it to me and I'll fix it for you. no charge, just pay the shipping both ways. ;)


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Wow amazing offer there... I do love this place...

Also what is your one made from resin?

It's not terribly clear...

Anyway, luckily you have the parts... If you wanted to you could remade that frame with cut sheet aluminium...

Out of interest why would it be illegal to import the tomosnuke blaster?

It's a model toy, not blank firing or able to be reactivated into a real gun... I'm pretty sure it's importable into the uk for that very reason...
UKARA laws here cover airsoft and painball guns as they fire projectiles and also mirror real guns...
This is a model of a fantasy gun... Normally that's ignored....

Anyway just splitting hairs really... Good luck repairing it. It's certainly doable... Even if you have to rebuild parts to make them straight.


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I'm also surprised, I imported my tomen when I lived in Belgium. Are laws different in the Netherlands?