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    On very rare occasions I'm asked to take my blaster out of my studio and while the wooden, presentation box I created a few years ago can be handy on these occasions, it doesn't provide the level of protection a padded pistol case does.

    On looking for an alternative solution, I resisted the desire to acquire a Halliburton style carry-case - similar to the one shown at the Profiles in History auction - because its just so big. Instead, after some investigation I opted for a small, well worn Plano that looked like it had been around since the 1980's.

    Wanting to stay faithful to some of the characteristics of the Halliburton, I recreated the 'Bob Cappy' consignment sticker and inside I placed a few well known items. I dusted a little rust to the interior foam as well as to the spare magazine and the steel barrel acquired from Rich Coyle.





    Thank you for looking

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    That same case is what I use to store my PPG. :thumbsup

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