Blade Runner Blaster - MR Style Display


Hi All

I hope you're all well on the run up to Xmas.

I thought I would raise my head to show off something I've been trying to get sorted since I bought the blaster back in April.

My sister has been hard at work in the model shop making me a master replicas style display case - and boy oh boy is it looking sweet.

I've got a nice metal plaque on it's way from Hong Kong, and I should have another pic soon of it with the perspex case lid.

What do you think? I think it looks gorgeous.



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My sister works in a modelling shop and has access to offcuts of material.

She can purchase them for a cut down cost, so I exchanged some graphic design work for her time and the materials.

Alan Castillo

Master Member
Beautiful :love

It will look perfect with the acrylic cover.

Never seen this idea for a BR blaster before.

Well done :thumbsup