Blade Runner Blaster LED's Help Please.


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Hi, I have already posted this on Propsummit but I have not received any information yet so I thought I would try here as well in hope.

I am creating a Deckard Blaster and wallet display sort of thing as a gift for a Blade Runner mad friend using my 3D printer.
I have the skills to finish, paint and make it look nice but other than a little bit of soldering, I have never built anything electronic!
Please can someone who has made a blaster or has bought a kit please help me with what I have to buy e.g. LED size/ voltage, capacitor size and the battery size or any other info that can help.

Can someone point me in the right direction of a reputable seller that sells the id and key cards that go into the wallet, I am in the UK if that helps.

Many Thanks


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Rick Ross has diagrams in the instructions for his kits of how to wire up the LED's. I will admit though, I have absolutely no skills with electronics. I don't know if they have radio shack in the UK, but a friend recently told me that some of the guys who work at radio shack will help me wire up the LED's on one of my kits, so I may give that a shot.
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