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Hey there everyone,
I was curious if anyone has ever dealt with a serial number that is faintly stamped for the first part of the serial number on the chassis of the blaster. (see photo). I have stay away from that area with my sanding but worried if I start with even I higher grit sand paper I will lose what little I have of the first few numbers. Does anyone know where I can find a similar number punch that would be correct ( size and font...if that is a thing for number punches) or would it be better to sand down the old number and put a new whole serial number. Looking for advice on how to proceed...I'm willing to guess that I'm not the first person that has seen this on their project.
Thanks in advance for you help!
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So I'm posting this for the next person that comes along....I seen to 3 different options from forms. 1. grind them down and restamp them into the pewter by hand. 2. would be to print out a transfer and place on the chassis on top of the existing numbers they would be held in place by the handle. 3. Use a small blade to scratch the numbers outline. I chose the 3rd using a jewelers optivisor so I could see the finer details. Since the serial number will be under the grips I was able to use the blade to put small scratches to reoutline the numbers. I'm still working on it but it is so much better.


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From what I see you did a fantastic job here. Restamping is always an option but you first you have to match up the stamps obviously. I would definitely not sand it down as its would leave the surface uneven.. I’d rather have the light stamping if that was the only option. Besides not all stamping is perfect anyhow. The photo looks a little blurry so it’s hard to see how clean it is but it definitely looks great and you should be good to go! Great work.

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