Done / Completed Blade Runner 2049 "Voight Kampff" *ONE LEFT*


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Hello all.

This 1st post is now being updated because we have a fully functional build to show. It is now an active run.

Those who committed (and confirmed) to the run before this update have been notified via PM. A HUGE THANK YOU to them. They signed up, sight-unseen, committing to get one of these from the very start providing the goals were met, and are therefore getting a lower cost as well as other perks!

For all others, including those on the committed list who have not responded, the following applies:

The project:
This is a 'working' replica KIT of the BR 2049 Portable Voight Kampff Eye Scanner replica. It was developed by myself along with a programmer (who has worked on space missions, no less). This project has been, by far, the most difficult engineering challenge we've undertaken together and I have been close to prop-burnout working on it. Previous projects were the Captain Marvel Pager, Orville Pulse Pistol and the (upcoming) Rocket/Groot Bomb from GotG Vol 2. At times it seemed almost impossible to be able to fit all the functionality into the unit and still keep screen accuracy in terms of size and details. But now it's ready!

  • Prop accurate body, as much as is possible in regards to available electronic components- only small deviations in size or accuracy from the screen prop will be accepted, and then only when absolutely necessary to fit existing real-world circuits into it (which we have no control over).
  • 3D printed shell in engineering grade resin on a professional machine. Smaller mechanism internals may have metal components or printed in other materials as needed (for example, to make them more durable) and at our discretion.
  • Real hardware (screws and such) where viable.
  • Actual Prop functionality - strobing RGB LED, static RED SM LED and flashing LCD screen.
  • Role Play functionality with an animated movie-appropriate Sapper Morton "suspect screen" with sounds.
  • Lens extension will be spring-loaded as in the film and real prop.
  • Powered via USB, Phone charger or an internal, rechargeable 3.7v LiPo battery. (You need to supply your own battery, easily found on Amazon, eBay or electronics suppliers, due to shipping restrictions.) The power unit has an internal charger for the battery!
The focus has first and foremost been prop accuracy. We wanted to do something accurate than "gimmicky" and would only compromise where it's absolutely necessary. The final result meets those goals, and even added a couple features we never thought we'd be able to do, such as an access port to swap batteries one day and keeping ALL functionality needed to run the unit in the actual prop (on/off switches, activators)

The kit will come with more or less all the parts you need for assembly (aside from "consumables"), including a guide PDF with wiring diagram, tips and photos that will be shared, but you do need (basic) soldering skills and tools for prop/model building. (Note: I'm a complete noob amateur at soldering, but I managed to put it together, haha!) Please do not get in on this thinking it's a Level-1 snap kit!

Here are videos showing off the 1st assembled prototype:

And a render of the near-final body.

Full-kit photos will follow in a few weeks. (For an idea, check the build thread link below.)

Cost of a kit: ***RUN IS LOCKED*** If there are any sets left over, a cost will be posted. (Does not apply to committed signups!)

Yes, that's quite a lot of money for a kit, but the programmer (who has zero interest in props and doesn't like Blade Runner at all- incredible, I know) does not come cheap, nor did all the r&d or components (I have, for example, burned through all my reserve liters of resin in parts and alrady laid out large sums of money on r&d). Not to mention the thousands of man-hours put into this. We will have parts for around 20-ish of these and this will be a ONE TIME RUN. (I can still print the shell in the future of course, but we will only order a limited number of electronics sets and other parts.)

We have enough folks onboard (between 15-20) to start ordering components and having parts made, and will only take on a couple more signups before locking the list. There might be a couple left once all kits have been received, since we'll be ordering a couple more in case of damage or loss in the mail.

Shipping note: We can ship anywhere (except where there are covid restrictions) but please keep in mind that due to the virus it's virtually impossible to insure shipments, and we will do limited tracking chosen at-random on a few (undisclosed) packages to keep tabs on shipping times and to keep costs down. Also, these will ship from Europe, and the normal postage time of 3 weeks may be extended to a couple months if mail gets backed up in your country. Printing, ordering parts, packing and shipping will likely take a couple months at least, so count on having a kit in-hand around late-spring!

Note: We are planning for the popup arm assembly and back-plates to be laser-cut metal and aluminum but this is not a guarantee. (To clarify: We are having parts laser-cut, but with only one shot at getting it right, we may have to resort to the plastic/printed backup as a worst-case.) The video shows a 'frankensteined' metal/plastic hybrid and we've already had test parts laser-cut, so we're 95% sure it'll work out in all-metal.

A display stand may be offered to non-committed signups separately. (TBD as this is still being worked on.)


Final note: This is now a RUN. No 'interest' is being taken. If you want one, PM me and you will receive details. Also please note that we are not offering 'buildups' of this- there simply isn't enough time to do them.

Final Committed Signups (before Jan 18 2021):

Jodo Had to leave run with good reason- no worries
UnitPD No response as of Jan 18
Matt009 No response as of Jan 18
mtrixman No response as of Jan 18
wraithassassin CONFIRMED
rickhoward CONFIRMED
framed No response as of Jan 18
Flecktarn92 No response as of Jan 18
bransonch CONFIRMED
temponaut CONFIRMED
Batstone No response as of Jan 18

If I missed anyone, my apologies... just let me know and I'll add you!

Ok.. that's about it. Thanks again all for the kind words and support. Stay safe!
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Would it be possible to see some concept drawings, graphics, blueprints etc. - any kind of visualization really - before signing up to pay $450-550?
Wall of text incoming! I understand the concern but here's the problem: At the moment, the 3d model is still bare bones.

3D models at this stage aren't fun (or useful) to look at. Case in point:


I'm still very much in the "blocking out" stage, where a lot of important decisions get made that will affect the model later on. The further I proceed with it, the more decisions I have to make regarding it either being easily put together only by myself OR to design the parts so that it will be more clear to others how to do it. The "screen accurate" electronics are simple enough and for the "role play" mode, we'll be basing them off screen graphics.

A lot of time needless time and money was spent on some recent project runs that didn't really pan out due to dropouts and casual interest. (And I have spoken to other makers here that have essentially stopped doing runs too.) If there's not enough interest (or trust that I'll follow through), I'd rather know about it upfront so that I put the time I might be wasting towards something else, like family, playing with my cats... or building one of the many models of mine I still don't have a personal copy of! (lol)

I will say this, if you'll please pardon the boasting nature of the statement:
For just about any prop or kit I have made and released, you will be hard-pressed to find a more accurate version. That's not something I state lightly, because I usually keep going far beyond "close enough". (If you do find someone with a more overall accurate model than one I've done, PM me because I'd honestly like to know about it so that I can improve my own!) For me, as someone who does not run a shop or do this for profit (only to help cover materials and R&D of new things), it's a point of pride to never release anything half-assed. I would be embarrassed. Seriously. And for runs, I only use my own models. So IF by some chance I were to screw up (or we can't make the electronics work) then the whole thing will be canceled and no one will be asked to follow through. The only ones losing out in that case would be me and the programmer (who does not work cheaply, since he's not a "prop guy"). As stated- NO MONEY, NOT EVEN A DEPOSIT will be asked for until the prototype is shown and proven doable. And if it's something extreme, like someone's cat needs chemo or they are facing financial ruin, I'm not gonna be heartless and force the point. We just need to weed out the tire-kickers and sudden disappearing acts- and needing to unexpectedly buy a muffler for the car or something of that nature isn't enough . I trust that you will not waste my time or R&D money and I will not waste your faith in what we can create.

I encourage anyone who has any doubts to check my past projects and see if something doesn't hold up.

Some past projects:

K blaster with screen accurate functionality


Oblivion pistol:

Nick Fury's Pager:

Orville Pistol:


Drax's Knives:

Star Lord Helmet:

Firefly's VERA:

And if there are any questions, I'll answer them as well as I can.

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Since the other run seems dead. I would be interested in a full kit.
Noted, thanks! (We actually waited with this run until it seemed definite the other run wasn't going to happen because I don't like to mess up runs for others if I can avoid it. But now we're going full-steam on this.)

One thing I should also make clear: this prop is happening regardless of signups, since we are doing at least two finished copies. The difference will be that if only a couple people sign on, we will not be able to put effort into making it easier to assemble (i.e. parts will need more work , fitting and trimming later). If we don't do that, any signups will of course not be expected to keep their commitment. So it'll still be available, just harder to build. And those that do sign up before the prototype is far along will most likely get the entire kit maybe 50-100 bucks cheaper.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Interested!!! It’s a shame the other run never happened, but I’m glad to see you’re taking this on.


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Haha, thanks guys!

Yeah this one has been on the drawing board for aaaaages and I'm glad we're finally getting around to it. It will likely use some of the same components as the other one would have, since there are really only a few existing "real world" options in terms of displays, arduinos, teensy's and such. Our focus will be first-and-foremost on "prop accuracy" with the "role play" mode being more of a bonus. I'm planning to use actual graphics and things from the film as much as possible, like when K runs the replicant ID number through the fugitive database, to keep that part "authentic".

Hopefully it will not be too long until I can show off some progress, but in the meantime, the support (and faith) is appreciated!


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Made a small change of plan (for the better). After thinking about it for a bit, I think I can possibly do the lens popup spring-loaded by printing those parts in PLA instead of resin. (And if enough folks sign on, maybe I can have them laser-cut out of aluminum, but there's a fairly hefty minimum order to fill a certain size sheet.) If so, that's what will happen, but I am still leaving a small caveat in case it has to be manually activated. (There's also an issue with fitting everything. My current measurement says that the prop LCD screen does not match up to any real-world screens in size or ratio, and since I want the exterior to be accurate, we'll have to get a larger screen, place it inside and only show part of it through a piece of laser-cut plexiglass. This means that we'll need more space inside, because we have to use a 2.8" screen. (I'll get into all this stuff more when I start the build thread.)
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I'm very, very interested.
Very Interested!
Interested here!
Noted, thanks!

This is now my # 1 priority. I'm dealing with a very sick (old) cat at the moment so I haven't been able to go full-steam, but as far as modeling goes this is on the top of my list. I don't want to show anything until I have figured out some things, but it's well underway. I would like to have a finished copy done some time before Xmas... that's what I'm aiming for.


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Noted, thanks!

This is now my # 1 priority. I'm dealing with a very sick (old) cat at the moment so I haven't been able to go full-steam, but as far as modeling goes this is on the top of my list. I don't want to show anything until I have figured out some things, but it's well underway. I would like to have a finished copy done some time before Xmas... that's what I'm aiming for.

I have had a change in available finances - I am going to have to stand down on this acquisition. Sorry. As soon as I knew - I am letting you know. You products are of the highest quality. If things change - I might be able to come back on board. I am interested - I just can't do it right now.


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I have had a change in available finances - I am going to have to stand down on this acquisition. Sorry. As soon as I knew - I am letting you know. You products are of the highest quality. If things change - I might be able to come back on board. I am interested - I just can't do it right now.
Hey, it's disappointing to learn, but it happens. I'm sure that, based on our past interactions, you wouldn't pull out without a very good reason, knowing how important it is for everyone to stay committed once they do sign up. Hope whatever the situation is clears itself up!

And just a friendly-but-firm note to those thinking of signing up: By doing so (or stating interest) you are committing to this run (on the condition that the original goals are met). PLEASE make sure you are able to follow through before signing up, even if you get a financial road block or two. If the time I'm giving up to put the little "extra" into this ends up being wasted because folks think it's OK and harmless to jump off, it's going to put me in a potentially bad situation.

On a more cheery note. This is a small detail, but worth mentioning. If you've seen my recent Gamora and Drax knife projects, you might've noted that I came up with a way to transfer details from screen used props to my digital models by using photoscanning and similar techniques. Now, the 2049 Eye Scanner might not have a lot of details to transfer, being just a box and all, but it DOES have some textured surfaces. So, I will be TRYING (no promises yet) to transfer those textures to the printed parts so that end-builders don't have to mess around with textured paints and such!


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I'm not far enough along yet to start a proper build thread, but just as an FYI as to the kind of dedication we're putting into the project, I've spent several days working out this little detail at the bottom of the shell:

That slanted edge there in the center top... it's rather odd. First I thought it might've been a chip that has come off the piece, but after looking at it for hours I'm not so sure. There don't seem to be any good photos of the bottom anywhere (I've looked, really hard and even reached out to the few "industry contacts" I have) and I've studied the tested clips frame-by-frame, enlarged, enhanced, sharpened and so on. I've just about got it sorted (too long to get into here) and my feeling is that it wasn't put there intentionally, but just kind of ended up there and no one thought much about it. (Or maybe it was put there just to confound obsessive crazies like me... ahem.)

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