Unlimited Run Blade Runner 2049 - Luv's Blaster (3d Printed Kit)


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Now Available - Luv's Blaster from Blade Runner 2049

It comes with 11 3D printed pieces. It is very easy to assemble as all the parts are notched and the whole thing can pretty much be assembled without glue (but you should use glue). It has a working trigger.

The pricing is as follows:

1) BR kit - $100.00 , includes 11 3d printed parts (plus $15 shipping to US/Canada, $20 everywhere else)

20180105_224620.jpg 20180105_225439.jpg

Assembly Video - New video by Rob Griesbeck

Order Form - Simply click the link, fill out the form and send the PP. All information needed is available in the form:

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Definitely not my favourite out of the Blade Runner blasters, but it's still damn cool. I'm interested

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