Limited Run Blade Runner 2049 - K's Metal


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In the meanwhile, this beauty is on it's way to my home ;-). It was MUCH more expensive than brandomack's (I would not have paid the price I paid if I didn't REALLY want a replica of this prop, I guess) and not in metal, but since I dropped out of this run, I went looking for alternatives and this one just looked awesome. Additionally, it was located in the EU, so no risk of the blaster getting confiscated by customs (or the risk of getting a huge customs fees bill).

View attachment 1513432

Edit -- And... it arrived already! What a beauty!

View attachment 1513989

Anyway, I hope this run turns out OK. Looking forward seeing the finished product of brandomack! An all metal K's blaster with working electronics and real Carbon Fiber grips would be the ultimate version of this prop, I guess...
who makes this?


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The one in the pictures is made by JOATRASH FX (an RPF member). He doesn't offer them for sale right now. I had this one commissioned, hence the high price. But I just love the end result! It's not made out of metal, but has a nice weight to it. Also the grips are not real carbon fiber, but the paint effect makes it look like they are (in real life the grips look better than on the pictures). At this moment, I think this is defenitely the best replica of the blaster out there!

If brandomack delivers his blasters in the end, the chance is big that his version is superior than this one. It will be mostly metal, and the grip he showed was real carbon fiber and looked awesome. But a grip is not a finished blaster, off course... Let's not forget we are reaching the 4 year mark of this run. When I got into this run, my daughter was still going to kindergarten. Now she is learning about Belgian history and learning other languages. I just didn't want to wait forever and taking the chance loosing my money, so I got out of this run. But still very interested to see what will come out of it.


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It is very upsetting to think that his ex would use this forum and the words we say against him. I would encourage everyone to think about what you say here and the possible context with which it could be used against Brandomack. This should be a refuge where he can find encouragement and joy for a hobby/craft that I presume all here love. As to completion of the run I would encourage Brandomack to not abandon it. If the barrels are all that is left (for true) then the end is in sight (though I would expect other setbacks commiserate with the nature of these types of projects). I'm not sure about other members but completing something of this nature really does wonders for your self-esteem and general outlook on things. It gives you something to hang your hat on. And to faust1103's point it could be future income. Regardless, I think everyone here is pulling for you so keep your chin up and do what you need to do for yourself and your children.

Thank you! The money i had in my account was sent to my ex this week, i’ve liquidated my RRSPs and have asked really nicely that they unlock my account so i can deposit it and pay down what i owe.

I’m just trying to get through this one day at a time, but holy hell…inflation does not help.

I really hope Batwoman gets greenlit for a 4th season, because i could REALLY use that money.

I have to get FMEP off my back first, then any of you that want out i can refund you, and then i will take the rest and commission someone to make barrels for me. Until then i am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.
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What is the next step to get our refunds?
I start on a new show on Monday. It goes to camera end of August, so i anticipate a lot of 12 hour days due to some big builds which will greatly aid in everyone getting refunded in a timely fashion.

For those who are interested in alternatives, i can offer kit versions of the blaster (basically all components in a box) or one of my display cases (i think i have 5 or 6 unfinished ones downstairs)

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