Limited Run Blade Runner 2049 - K's Metal


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(Original hero props pictured)

Project is now a GO!

These replicas will offer the following features:

- Fine pewter cast body
- Functional trigger and "Hammer"
- Light up LEDs
- Real Carbon Fibre Grips
- Screen Accurate Design and Size

$699.99USD Plus shipping.

Deposit info


Pre Sale offer now over!

Payment Plan info

I understand that this is not an inexpensive purchase. To help make this as affordable as possible, as well as to fund this project, I am prepared to offer the following payment plans to everyone.

- 4 payments of $174.99
- 5 payments of $139.99
- 6 payments of $115.99

(all amounts in USD)

Thank you!

I need your support to make this happen! To show your interest, and provide support for this project, please send your email address via private message, and lock your spot in now!
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That would be amazing and I would love one but not sure if it can go through customs. If no issues, I would love one.


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Definitely interested provided my funds have recovered by then and if it would make it to the UK without issue.


Pewter/Zinc...REAL carbon fibre grip...functioning hammer..and working LED! I am definitely interested! I am in the US, and hoping shipping cost will not be too high, but I have not had issues with customs.