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Has anyone heard any talk of Wesley Snipes making Blade 4.

I thought he'd be keen to make some money after getting out of prison.

I know he's done Expendables 3.
Has anyone heard any talk of Wesley Snipes making Blade 4.

Rights have reverted back to Marvel. Given his attitude while film 3. Why would they hire him again for the role. If anything Marvel will go a different direction/casting if Blade is made into a TV series/Film.
Didn't know there was any attitude problem during B3.

Blade was made into a TV series in 2006 but only lasted 12 episodes.
Yeah that really turned out well for them! :lol

Well the tv series was made before the Marvel Film-verse we know today. Plus Avi Arad & Goyer were behind it. So it was bound to fail.

Now if Marvel were to treat the IP like the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series, that would be worth a look.
There was talk of this a few months ago, but there's always talk of sequels to everything. Snipes is perfect for this role, and it would be crazy to recast, but crazy is the film industry's middle name, so who knows. With vampire-mania still fairly strong and the comic-based films dominating the box office, another Blade seems inevitable.

I liked the 1st two films (the less said about the 3d the better--it was fun but completely stupid), so get a real script, give Snipes the weapons, and let him do his thing.
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He is Blade, you can't use anyone else until he's dead. They tried that tv show with some guy who didn't know martial arts and it showed.
There was no third in my universe! :lol

i agree.

the third one was terrible. I don't know what Goyer was on, because Snipes was 100% right about that movie. It was awful.
Most of it was in daylight, virtually no decent fight scenes, shaky cam, and Blade was barely in it, those useless sidekicks taking up valuable screen time instead.

It looked like an amateur production, and had no horror/gore like the 1st and 2nd ones.

Rubbish story too. Dracula in erotic leather pants trying to act tough was hilarious and embarrasing.

They really screwed that movie up.

They should at least do a 4th, give Snipes control over choroegraphy, maybe hire some real martial artists like the Raid guys and let it run.
Wesley Snipes would call it racism if his movie got a weak SFX shot.

I can see why he's pissed. Blade#3 did feel like it was a poop-fest designed to pull the franchise away from him and into whiter & more mainstream territory. But IMO the "more mainstream" part was probably the big motivation. They were PG-13-ing it as well as the different racial makeup.
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