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Blacksparrow Auctions "I Love Lucy Auction". Bid by April 16th.

I was out in Los Angeles recently and interviewed CEO and President of Blacksparrow Auctions, Fong Sam, regarding his exciting online only, “I Love Lucy Auction” event. The 103 lot auction consists of original costumes, props, manuscripts, photos, posters, costumes sketches and autographs from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, as well as and memorabilia pertaining to one of the most beloved television series in Hollywood history, the “I Love Lucy” Show.

In addition to being a gifted actress, writer, comedienne, singer, and dancer, Lucille Ball was also a marketing genius and knowledgeable businesswoman. She used the popularity of "I Love Lucy to create various lines of merchandising, including clothing, toys, dolls and novelty items.


The auction includes private correspondences with other celebrities including, Doris Day, Barbara Walters, legal contracts for Desilu Productions, screen-used props and costumes, limited edition porcelain dolls, vintage key book photos, costume sketches by Elois Jenssen, personal mementos, and much more.


This is a rare opportunity for Lucy fans and prop and costume collectors to acquire a piece of important history.
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Re: Blacksparrow Auctions "Love Lucy Auction". Bid by April 16th.

Very cool!

Lucy was one of a kind, without her there would be no Star Trek
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