blackouts MK 42 iron man helmet questions


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If you open up the file in the software then you can see the sizes in there, you can also measure from point to point in the 3D view of it to get an idea of the scale.

Scaling again can be done in the software based off your measurements. Fairly sure there are some threads around entirely about scaling if you have a look.


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First off Marvel items get posted in Marvel costumes and props.
Second, ya gotta read man. As my Scottish brethren said measure. Get tamasoft's Pepakura viewer, the paid version gives you more choices plus. Download the file, open in pep viewer. Goto scaling and and measure, I measure from ear to ear then add an inch maybe an inch and a half for padding, electronics. Good luck man, and for the sake of all that is good a pure read as much as you can, use the search bar and research...GM
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