Black Widow Help- jacket/top


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I am looking for your help. My GF is going to be Black Widow for Halloween to go along with my Foam War Machine.

She found the right pants, but is struggling with the jacket. She does not want the licensed costume with the stretchy plastic as she says that stuff gets uncomfortable. She is looking more for a spandex/lycra yoga pant type material.

It needs to be black with a zipper down the front and form fitting. The zipper of course for adjustable cleavage depending on levels of intoxication. Complicating this, she is a small or and extra small in most things.

Did anyone find anything that works well for a black widow top or can you point me in the right direction?


Most places now have their fall work out gear out. Try looking in one of those sections for a half zip pull over. Not sure what type of fabric her pants are. Or just order a body suit and be done with it. The fabric on the first BW costume is pretty specific (Haven't seen enough of the second to say for sure) so I doubt you'll ever actually match it. There's a thread floating around somewhere on it actually.
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