Black Widow Age of Ultron Suit

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    Hi Guys! Ha! Its been a long time since I was last here. Been busy & had a wild ride the past years. I also got to log in after a long time since my account got wonky or i dunno. lols. Anyways, I'm here to share my Black Widow Age of Ultron suit build. its not much but its the latest I've worked on in relation to the released movie.

    Here's the full video link in Youtube.

    I got a chance to get my hands on some el wire. It's not really available here.


    My widow sting, elbow & knee pads - made from rubber/eva foam/l-200. I placed reflector stickers on it so it has a different effect when photographed with & without flash.

    Also instaleld LED lights on my widow sting. powered by a 9v battery.

    Installed the el wire on the suit. Goes from one leg around the neck down the other leg. Switch is clipped at the back of my boots. lols

    I initially used white thread as I got lost how to sew the el wire on the suit. I did get info fishing line is better so i'll try it next time. :) Though I lined the suit with blue piping for variation.
    11312680_906632236055934_7725339563345489464_o.jpg 13286_1116362258380376_7297461237811675174_n.jpg 11242784_1639584176263194_5779829204909829191_n.jpg
    Difference in photo with & without flash.

    Budapest simulation with BFF hawkeye. hahaha! Time Crisis 5. lols.

    My Avengers team
    11165324_10202935278982342_1072802506973376934_n.jpg 10929929_775143102593345_608405564103988554_n.jpg 11026219_777328889041433_1522795900267035121_n.jpg

    More photos can be found here
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    Curses! You beat me. I haven't seen any completed attempts of this costume and it is refreshing to see. It looks great. When did you begin working on it and what was your primary reference?
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    Long time no see!

    Good to see you here and still doing great costumes!! :thumbsup
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    Honestly? I worked on this like 3 days before our appearance. HA HA HA! We got a gig to appear for the premiere when the movie opened here. Talk about procrastination. My primary references are the Hot Toys. I waited till it came out.

    - - - Updated - - -

    HAHA! Yeah! I got locked out here. i kinda forgot my pw & everytime i try to log in, i get denied then i get lazy and forget about it. lols. I'm more active in facebook. I see you never forgot. Thanks! :p
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    just dumping some photos here :)

    Photo 6-21-15, 5 13 25 PM.jpg P6210379.JPG
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    Hey Iz, what did you use for the base widow jumpy suit

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