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Black Wasp jet bike from the island

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by moviecarmusum, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. moviecarmusum

    moviecarmusum New Member

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    heres my black wasp jet bike from the movie the island..its in good shape but it is missing the windsheild if you have seen it let me know..
  2. Monster Dave

    Monster Dave Sr Member

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    Hang that baby from the ceiling over your pool table!! That's awesome!
  3. robstyle

    robstyle Sr Member

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    If I recall that was made by the same shop that did Bumblebee named Fxperts. Another shop was in the process of fabricating the rear gunner rig but that was scrapped. I dont recall if that section was added with CGI or if Fxperts had completed it.
  4. Syrus54

    Syrus54 Well-Known Member

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    Do you have any high-res detailed photos of it? I would love to model it.

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