Black Suit Spiderman (first costume!)

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    When I saw Lunaman's imgur post on his Ultimate Spider-Man cosplay, I was pretty inspired to get one created of my own. Given the black suit has always been my favorite, I decided to go with that. Initially, I was going to base off the Back in Black run, but I was finding that I didn't really like the eye shape in those runs (I like the bigger eye styles), as such, I decided to base it off the 1984 run Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (#107 to 137). This run, I believe is the first run he uses the 'cloth' black suit.

    Peter_Parker,_The_Spectacular_Spider-Man_Vol_1_107.jpg mospidey.JPG spideyz.JPG spiderthwp.JPG spidey back 1.jpg

    The pattern was picked up from Spiderbite Designs, their 'BackInBlack' pattern file. Here it is printed on 4 way stretch lycra/spandex:

    side1.jpg side2.jpg

    I'm shipping this off to Trophywife tomorrow afternoon. I'm pretty excited for the results.

    I'm currently in talks with Tjack for the Face Shell & Lenses. For the shell, I am thinking his TASM2 shell would be a pretty solid fit:

    tasm2 face.JPG

    As for the eye shape, throughout the whole run, there were a few panels where the eyes really stuck out, here is what I liked:
    spidereyes.jpg moeyes.JPG

    The idea with the eyes, would be to come out something like Oracle's 'Symbiote Lenses' with no frames/border:

    oracle symbiote.jpg

    For the shoes, I haven't really decided on what best to use here. I'm still digging into options, but it'l be a few weeks before I actually get to this point anyways.

    As I make progress with the suit, I'll post some more pictures. I am pretty * excited to have everything completed for my first costume. What do you guys think? Any tips, or suggestions to help ease my progress with this?
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    Just bear in mind the vision from those lenses isn\t the best (unless he's changed them)
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    I was actually wondering how the vision would be. I kinda figured with most of the lenses, it would be a bit hard to see. These ones would be with whatever material Tjack is using, so it may be slightly different than how Oracle makes his (which could be better or worse) :p
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    Trophywife is awesome and sent a bunch of pictures before she ships it back to me!

    1.jpg 3.jpg
    Heres the hands/with the wrist zippers

    4.jpg 2.jpg
    More zippers

    5.jpg 6.jpg

    8.jpg 10.jpg
    Full picture!

    9.jpg 7.jpg
    Last but not least, the mask! I can't wait til I get the Faceshell/Lenses from Tjack.
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    I started to really read comics, and not just flip through the pictures when I heard Spiderman has a new suit and its alive..I thought that was the coolest thing when I was a kid. So this suit will always be my favorite for getting my 9 year old self into comics. I Love the eye lenses you chose. I can't wait for the updates.
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    Tjack has been awesome working with me, helping get the design rolling. We went through several different edits, an alternate lense style, and even went ahead and picked up a second pair of lenses without the white paint along the edges.

    Originally, I wanted something like the left image. This proved to be a be difficult with the size of the lense as it was clipping the nose section of the face shell.

    Since we couldn't get the exact shape, Tjack sent this over and I thought it was really * cool. This is showing a mockup of the white lense over a red mask.

    spidey eyes 1 close.jpg lr.jpg
    Before my final confirmation, I asked if Tjack would mock up another pair for me. This was to see what the lense would look like if it was rounded off a bit more (displayed on the left). Ultimately, with the help of my friend, I decided to go with Tjacks first design (displayed on the right)

    maskeye.jpg maskeye2.jpg
    Here is the face shell, and first pair of lenses using the white paint along the edges.

    The second set of lenses I ordered are done exactly the same as the above, however, that pair will not have any white paint a long the edges, hopefully keeping a more symmetric look.

    The suit, the shell, and the lenses should be here some time next week, so hopefully by next weekend I can get some pictures actually in the suit!

    - - - Updated - - -

    That's awesome! Spider-Man is the best :p I posted up some pics of the first set of lenses, if you want to take a look!
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    I would've picked the same exact ones..the rounded off one's definitely look cool but I always drew/draw his eyes with a point towards the center/bridge of the nose. That last picture has motivated me to start planning on my own symbiote costume. I know I'm new here but I never seen these type of lenses before, especially on a me motivated. Great choice man!
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    So I promised Tjack some pictures, then my camera decided to break. here are some pictures of the face shell, and two lense sets:

    This set has no white paint around the edges
    IMG_1692.jpg IMG_1693.jpg

    This set has white paint around the edges (i was hoping it would smooth the eyes out a bit, but it made it slightly more jagged, so I opted to use these ones as a backup set)
    IMG_1696.jpg IMG_1695.jpg

    here is me trying the suit on. As you can see, I haven't cut eye holes out on the mask yet. I was also having a difficult time with the zipper (and it was really hot in my apartment), so the suit is not fully zipped up, I am trying to hold the suit back with my other arm so I can take a picture. This caused some wrinkles in the front of the suit, but again, this was because I am not fully suited up.
    IMG_1607.jpg IMG_1615.jpg

    Once I have some better pictures, I'll get them posted up :) It will probably be after I get the courage to cut my eye holes out.

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    If it's a straight up zipper then you need help with them, I can usually do it myself but it requires a lot of stretching, U zips I've heard are a lot easier to do up
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    Where did you go to have this printed?
    I recently got one of Spiderbite's files, however its over 206mb!
    Printer normally won't accept files that big.
  11. SpideyMTL

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    Got mine done with FOD went perfectly fine
    file was 200mb also from Gunhead

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    Looking great man, them eyes are killer!
  13. mrush

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    It's actually a u-zip, but there were other complications. I don't have my under armour yet, and I don't want to be all sweaty in the suit, it happened to be really hot in my apartment, and after struggling to get the first zipper up, I decided it was for the best to not pull the other up, otherwise I might have a hard time getting out :p

    Huh, the file I got from them was only 81.1mb. I've found that Spiderbite was very helpful with questions. You might want to send him/her a message on Facebook and let them know, they may resize for free . I believe you can also pay FOD to reduce the size, but still keep the resolution high. Good luck

    Thanks! I am way happier with everything than I thought I would be. I'm already in the stages of planning out my next suit. hah.

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