black spiderman costume W.I.P, ANY TIPS ON 3D WEBS??


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hi everyone newbie here,

i have started doing a spider man costume. and been lurking on here for tips and how to's etc

i know this ain't movie accurate but i bought the suit about six years ago and thought i would use it as a practice as i eventually want to do the 'TASM2' suit later for Halloween

my main question is when it comes to the 3d webs, theres the obvious 2 choices puff paint it on or mold urethane molds. but is there any other ways i was thinking about trying to find so flat rubber and cut it into shape or poss strips and then fill the gaps with puff paint or is there another way to get a decent look?

heres what i have done so far

mask/face shell


black brick work



thanks for looking