Black Series X-Wing helmet @ $83.99 - worth it?

I'll add another vote for yes, these are well worth the $84! We got one for my son for X-Mas, and as soon as I opened it, I went online and bought two more for myself. One I'll keep as Luke's helmet, and then other I'm going to repaint as Blue Squadron.

Would I be correct in assuming that the Black Series Poe helmet is just as good and just as much of a deal at ~$80?

If I remember right. $79 or $79.99 is the MRP. So that is a reasonable price. And while it is true that at times Amazon has had them around half that price it is important to understand that the Poe helmet has been out for a couple of years so supply may now be low in the market and therefore it’s value may start to exceed the MRP.
Well, I picked up the Luke. Target had them back in stock the day after my last post.

It's not the best X-Wing helmet I've ever laid my hands on. The detail is great, but it still feels like a toy; not substantial enough. But I agree that for a display piece, $84 is a screaming deal. (y)
Just picked up the Luke helmet on sale! It’s pretty good for the price I think. Does anyone know a re-paint thread or anything of like like on these? Thinking about re-doing it with my archive x
Just a quick note if going for “approval” the button to activate the sound has to be removed/ hidden. Also the mic may need tweaking in some depending on the final version/character it is for.

Otherwise, I think they’re great and intend to get a black Poe helmet. I’d probably just weather what’s there and be done with it. But we’ll see if I end up getting one.
Just got my Wedge Helmet in the mail:
Given how they fouled up their preorder shipments for the Mando helmet, I'd be a bit gun shy about preordering anything from Gamestop ever again.
I just bought the Biggs helmet. Thanks for the heads up!
Carp! I said Biggs but meant Wedge.
Mine came in today. The weathering is impressive but very light. The screen used one was filthy. Extremely easy to weather up.
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