Black Ops 3 - Ray Gun Replica


Hi everyone,

I just recently modelled the Ray Gun from Black Ops 3 in Fusion 360, with my main focus being on being as close to the in-game model as practically possible. Modelling took a couple of days and I'm quite surprised how well it turned out. I was able to extract and use the in-game model as reference so that definitely sped up the process.

All that remains now is to print the thing and stuff it with electronics. I just bought a Creality Ender 3 Pro for the project and for some Kylo Ren related props, but thats all to come. For now, this is my focus. I'm also trying out a new method for smoothing prints - usually I would sand for weeks, but I figured I'd try Plasto by Revell seeing as I had it and it's working out beautifully.