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Hi all. Long time lurker first time poster here, so no flaming yet. :D

I kind of breezed through the topics here and could not find my answer, so any help would be appreciated.

I have been seeing an Ebay offer for a few months now from a seller going as "Sith Armor". They have been offering a full Black Hole Stormtrooper kit made of ABS , but of course all in black. I saw one at C3 and it looked pretty cool, but I don't know if they were the same build.

Anyway, it was a BIN price of $500, which seemed pretty reasonable for what would be my first build.

1) Anybody know the seller? Are they reputable?
2) Is this a good price for the kit?
3) Is anyone familliar with the quality of the kit?
4) How different/hard is it to work with black ABS?
5) Since the seller is down to their last bit of black kits, are there other places to purchase this black armor?

Thanks in advanced for any help.


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I've heard the name before, but can't say I've heard good or bad things about them. I'm pretty sure its the same standard FX kit (like the white ones). Oversized bucket and decent armor.. yet nitpickers would say its all wrong.

For $500.. its a decent set for a first build if its what I'm thinking- and you are going for the black look.

Working with it sould be similar to the white ABS.


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$500 is a good deal.

1) Anybody know the seller? I know of a seller on eBay, but may not be the same person. Are they reputable? Dunno. Buy with buyer protection or pay credit card
2) Is this a good price for the kit? Yes
3) Is anyone familliar with the quality of the kit? Yes, it's on par with the standard FX stormtrooper kit that 90% of the 501st wear
4) How different/hard is it to work with black ABS? Same as the white but shows blemishes easier
5) Since the seller is down to their last bit of black kits, are there other places to purchase this black armor? Nope. Last I heard was the next sets would be 2-3 years out unless someone picks up the ball.

If you buy it and decide to build, check out the 501st Special Operations Detachment (TXs) forums and we'll help you even more. ;)

PM me for posting access.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the responses, it is really appreciated. Now just have to save up enough to pick one up before they sell out. Too many expenses at this time, but soon. I am sure that I am not the only one here that feels it.


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Hello I dont post very often. But I have bought quite a few things from Sith Armor they are very excellent to deal with. When you buy anything from them they will send you a UPS. tracking number and the item is insured. They have great communication also. So if your looking to buy from them they are 100% on the up and up :thumbsup :thumbsup


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I bought from Sith Armor off Ebay. Great packaging, fast shipping, everything looked good. I built it like a normal TK kit. Thighs are big, but he points it out that they are the oversized ones.


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I just recieved my kit a few days ago. I'm very happy with it, nicely trimmed, well packed. All the hardware and trim, glue, polish. I feel it was money well spent to get a rarely seen variation on stormtrooper armor.

Now I'm thinking of the details. I've seen slightly different versions of the finished armor, and am having trouble deciding how to finish it of. I want to go back to the source material for inspiration. What's the best technical or visual reference (besides the usual 501st photos) for an expanded universe item like this? Where did the idea originate? Has it been used in the novels, comics, etc.? What signfigance does the nickname "Black Hole" have?

EDIT: Found this reference on the Black Hole Troopers:

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....BTW, I'm now offering neck seals and body gloves if anyone is interested.  Check out for details.

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Researching the reference materials has been a big part of what we've been doing on the 501st TX Detachment boards (link posted above).

I'd be more than happy to create an account for you if you'd like assembly help or access - we're a very helpful bunch and we're all striving for better accuracy where we can. Just PM me.

And if you can help with the research, so be it.

The Stealth Troopers (or alternatively Black Hole Troopers) debuted in the 1978 daily Star Wars comic, then made their way into the Dark Horse EU comic books.

We have a lot more research info on the forums. ;)


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I checked out that board. Great pictures, and some interesting discussions going on. Made me want to get a Magma Trooper kit some day.



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Anyone know where to get a pair of boots for a magma trooper, the best i've been able to find is on ebay but even the largest pair will come up small as they are intended for the ladies......:unsure