Black hole Max pics


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Hey all

Dunno if these are of use to anyone, but I took these at the Disney Paris Planet Hollywood.
I thought I could use them for reference for the MPC kit..if I ever get around to building it..
Sorry about the reflections, those display cases are very annoying, I just wanted to lift it off.

I can't say for certain how tall he is, I wish I'd had a tape measure but you never think to bring one on holiday.






It was a shame to see he'd lost an arm, and had a couple of repairs here and there, but for his age I thought he looked in very good condition.

There you go

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Those are fantastic pictures. I have a Max kit I got from E-bay and these pictures will really help.
Thanks for sharing.

Somebody send Disney/Paris Planet Hollywood a feather duster.
Awesome pics, THANKS. I want to both finish my kit and build a lifesize bust of his head that lights up and turns, so these pics will be great.:thumbsup
That is too FUNNY how many people have unfinished kits. I'm one of them too! :D

Will there be a thread as we build?

Add me to the list of " unfinished kit's " too...


Got one off Ebay about 2 months ago and STILL
in his box awaiting a build... He may be old news to
some out there, but I'll tell you. He still is to me one of
the COOLEST looking of BAD GUY'S ever to be in a movie..

Hard to think " warm and fuzzy " when ol'


hovers into a room..

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Sweet! That definately helps out! If I recall, I think that version of Max is about 24", where the original was 72". Those are some great pics, thanks for sharing those with us! I'd like to build a full size Max when I finish the V.I.N.CENT. I'm working on, but I'm running out of room!:lol Can't believe Max wound up in France. Does anyone know what happened to the full size one?

Would love a kit of Max......

I'm off to Disneyland Paris in a few weeks time, so will more than likely pop into PH on the way out......

Will try to get some more pics of him if required, and get a rough size too...
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