Black Hawk Down - Durant Helmet and Sanderson Helmet


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I thought i'd take some photos of my latest Black Hawk Down props.

First up is Durants helmet.

This was also used in the Green Zone. They changed the mic for a newer one, and added a black covering to the foam liner. Also they plugged the hole at the top with rubber.

Inside has the names JSinc, and Durant. There is some damage to the night sight holder, I do not know if this was done in BHD (when he chucks his helmet) or in Green Zone.

I'm not sure if it had a visor at all in BHD as its not visible, the visor currently is up as far as it goes. So i think they might not have had one at all on BHD.

Its nice to match up the scratches while watching BHD!

Second is Sandersons helmet. I bought this recently from another collector.

A nice piece, with the drawing pins on the front, and his name inside:

My BHD collection is getting bigger!

I also own:

Kowalskis full uniform inculding webbing.
Wilkerson - Delta Medic - Full uniform including webbing and pack.
Kurths helmet
Durants armour (which was re-used on Tears of the Son, and has both characters names)
Grimes webbing, and grenade waistcoat.
Pillas webbing (uniform arriving soon)
Shughart - uniform
Gordon - uniform.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Here's a recent version of that helmet. It was for work, but I never used it at work (we still have to use the heavy Kevlar helmets with the face shields) so it is an alternate biking helmet for nights. The front of the helmet has a mount for the monocular night vision device. Pretty cool, you can shoot with it on.



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