Black Guard Cosplay


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Hey Guys , :thumbsup

i've just gotten to finding my way around this forum, anywho ive made it official that im going to make a Black Guard Costume, but trouble is ,is i can't much reference on it to actually go about making this costume come to life. so im asking if anyone could point me in the right direction of any kind of reference's to the black guard. now as far as mapping this design and project all out is in the works. therefore the point of the post is to see what i could come up with before i plan it all out and possibly get a better idea of what im up against. anything would be kool. look foward from hearing from you all.

tHE bLACK gUARD :ninja


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Tron Legacy, ambitious project, I will be keen to see how it comes out. Personally I'd start with the helmet if you can, it'll tie the costume together.


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This is a good reference pic:


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Thanx for the replies guys, good to know others are interested in seeing something like this. sorry that i didn't say this was for tron , figured you guys would of caught on to it but yes this is from from legacy. and yes rinzler im going to start with the helmet beings it seems that it could! possibly take longer than the outfit itself. i was looking at crimson's clu helmet and i think ill attempt something like that. bit concerned for the visor part though. also as far as this ref pic goes i've already got that so im looking for something like a template for the suit designs without the armor, then ill go back over and make a armor template. Also guys i was pondering considering another color for the lights, like i believe the original color is either yellow,orange,red. so beings we've already seen that would we wanna see something newer?!, like im thinking maybe a purple or blue? just to give a bit more spice than the movie original or do you all think OEM color is best for legit reasons? lemmie know something. = )


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I wonder if I can find the old model again. When I went in pulling models from the Tron videogame the Blackguard was one of the models I pulled. not much of it was usable, the helmet was perfect though.
EDIT: Aha I knew I still had it, don't have the rest of the model though. Let me know if you want the pep file and I'll see about making it into one like all my pep models they are free.

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I've been meaning to ask. For projects like this how do you make the visor? I've seen some, like the Daft Punk helms, that are vac-formed. Is that the common method?
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