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    Hey All,

    Just wanted to share some foam goodness with everyone. happens to be having a Black Friday sale in which you can get a bundle of foam floor mats. You get 6 2' x 2' x 3/8 thick foam flooring for only $10. These are only available in your local store but worth it if you have one close. They have a limit of 4 per person and I bought my limit.

    Also, there's a new high temp glue gun on sale for $5, normally $20 and it comes with a few small sticks.

    While browsing around I found flexible superglue that I'll be testing out to see how it compares to my contact cement and the normal superglue I was using. It was $12 for 2.5 ounces.

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    I hit up michaels today and finally bought a cutting board for $11 after using a 50% coupon.
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    Just found another good deal for supplies here in the US.

    Ace Hardware has a 50% off coupon for 1 regularly priced item under $30 valid for 11/26 only.

    Great for some Resin or Bondo

    Ace - Create Your Own Sale

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