Black Cat

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Decided to upgrade a couple of my older costumes recently, Power Girl and Black cat, Pee Gee was just new boots and gloves and a couple of upgraded accessories (not much to show and this is the Marvel forum anyway) , but Black Cat turned into a complete rebuild. I decided to go with the white boots and gloves look without an (external anyway) corset this time.

The rebuild took a week (that’s very fast for me), burnt a bit of the midnight oil working on it.

The suit started life as a “Miss Whiplash” wet look Lycra catsuit I got a fancy dress shop, I got size large, as I am rather on the big side, it fitted OK lengthwise, but width wise it seemed to be designed for a gorilla, so I had to take it in quite a bit. Also replaced the long black plastic zip with a shorter chunky metal zip and sewed up the rest to make a deep vee neckline. Added a steel ring was added to the zip pull to complete it. Fluffly lapels where made from some fake fur I got at a local fabric shop and loosely hand sewn on to the costume.

Gloves and boots where white PVC ones from Ebay, gloves where originally opera glove length and had to be shortened. Boots don’t fit very well and are rather unconformable. its not the heel height that’s the problem, I wear higher, its due to the shape, no arch support so they put all my weight on my toes, going to have to experiment with foot beds and gel pads to make them more comfortable. Fluffy cuffs where more of that fake fur, its really fluffy but tends to shed a bit and make a mess when you cut it.

Collar was made from scratch, mostly from some leatherette I had lying around, with a push buckle and some random bits of metal I had lying around. The medallion started life as the end of a 250ml can of drink (M&S Gin and Tonic :)) as it can a nice domed shape and was the right size. Cut off the rest of the can with scissors and glued a disk of PVC foam board in the back and spray painted it gold.

I had a mask but wanted to make a new one, specially because I wear glasses most of the time and wanted a mask that was form fitting but could be worn under my specs. New mask is Worbla, I tried to use this material before and but it didn’t turn out well, but I kept the scraps, and found I had enough for a mask. Cut out the rough shape, warmed it with a heat gun (doesn’t need much heat) and pressed it to my face to mould it (wasn’t that hot) then tied it up with a dremel and sandpaper. Trouble is it still had a rough surface, tried to use filler primer spray paint on it to smooth it, but that didn’t seem to want to dry even after 8 hours, it was sort of just soft and a bit rubbery, dunno material incompatibility? dremeled that lot off and tried again, 4 coats of regular primer and some sanding and it was smooth enough (the dremeling probably helped also) and then I hit it with gloss black metallic spray paint, finish is OK. glued clear elastic straps to it that had little metal hooks on the end (you know those things you get on wig caps to adjust the size or on detachable bra straps). This way I could hook it on to my wig cap to make it stay in place but take it on and off without removing the wig.

And the erm cleavage, that’s not me, sorry boys, I don’t have a gravity defying E cup that stays put even with no bra in a thin costume, its a latex drag queen breastplate I got off Ebay, the collar covers the join. Hey its just a costume, felt I needed it because well its definitely part of the character’s look and I couldn’t do it naturally, plus I’m a bit shy about showing off to much skin anyway, plus any convention creeper who sidles up to me to get a better look is going to be very disappointed :p

Going to try and wear this to MCM expo in London next week if I can get the boots more comfortable (might just bite the bullet and quickly order some low heel boots instead) but its is rather warm, impractical and more than a bit OTT, I won’t last long.

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Costumes look great, Laika! Sounds like you put a significant amount of time into the looks. If you are still unhappy with the mask, you could check out TigerStone FX. They make a pretty affordable Black Cat mask in quality rubber.

Also, I vote you actually try to trick the creepers at the convention, just for laughs!


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Thanks Vox :)

Well I took it to the London MCM expo comic con (or what ever they call it these days) it was certainly noticed, lots of heads on a swivel, but got quite a few compliments and several photo taken, joined a few superhero shoots as well.

But its was rather hard work, its totally impractical and in the unusually warm late May weather I got very hot, but the boots where the killer, after 4 and a half hours in them I wanted to cut my feet off with a rusty knife.

The costume mostly held up, but the boots are now a bit scuffed and I think some of the black of the suit transferred on to the latex chest, so a bit of refurb will be required if I wear it again.

Now next project...

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