Black Canary Sonic Device

Rick Webb

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Hi I been a lurker here for a while and figured I could finally contribute in a significant way. My girlfriend want to go as Black Canary from Arrow, She has already ordered the costume but I was looking at props and very interested in the sonic device she uses in season 2.


If anybody knows where it can be purchased that would be great. Meanwhile I am going to attempt to craft one of my own from looking at the screenshots it looks like a car air freshener modified with some leds. I found this air freshener at a local gas station


I am planning on remove the internals then matching the middle section closer to the original possibly out of card stock and resin or mold-able plastic then paint and wire in some leds. If anyone has any better ideal feel free to include your input. I will update as I make progress

Rick Webb

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So far this is what i came up with

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Couldn't include the rape whistle in this one because I'm having issues with the size of the piezoelectric speaker. For those interested in making your own it was pretty simple I recycled the original battery, circuit board, switch and charging port so its rechargeable. I also added a submersible blue led from the craft store and that's about it. Basically you just remove the speaker and and plastic hose, then wire the submersible led directly to the switch.

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Then i fixed that to the center of the circuit board with some hot glue. Next I took the top speaker grill and enlarged the holes first with my soldering iron then with some small files.

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It could still use some cleaning up but its coming along then just to finish it off i used a piece of wax paper to act as a diffuser I would like to get the proper size diffuser lens but this will do for now.

And so the finished product

Instagramed Sonic.jpg


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I am also dressing as Black Canary for a convention. My husband and I took a Sylvania Dot It push light and a 12vdc Piezo Buzzer and saudered together. Painted the bulbs blue and drew the design on top with a silver sharpie. The buzzer doesn't fit so you have to take it out of its case (carefully we broke the buzzer and had to re-sauder the wires). Also, we had to pull back the side in order to get to the inside, so I'll be putting metal tape around the sides. Hope this helps!


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Hey Rick webb , I was reading about your sonic device , but got a bit confused and wanted to know if it can really shatter glass ?

E Williams

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Thanks for identifying the correct item! Awesome!

FYI the correct Omnitech speaker was also sold under the name "HeadRush pop up speaker" in Canada.