Black Angel - 1980 short film - played before Empire Strikes Back


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A friend told me that this ran before Empire Strikes Back in the theater, but I don't remember it.
Of course, I was only 8 and probably impatient to see X-wings and lightsabers.
Does anybody here remember this?

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Re: Black Angel - 1980 short film

Believe it only played ahead of empire in the UK, not the U.S. The mace head on the Black Angel staff looks familiar. Looks like one of the Tusken Raider mace heads from A New Hope...


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Re: Black Angel - 1980 short film

BUMP for an IMO important piece of genre movie history because of its obvious, even if small, cinematic influence on both "Excalibur" and "Empire strikes back". Changing the thread title to connect it directly to Star Wars might help in generating more interest in this topic. The "usual suspects" are missing from this discussion, so ...

And there´s a fundraiser for a feature film!!!
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I remember seeing it with The Empire Strikes Back.
The remastered version seems much more colourful than it was in the cinema. The print I saw was very washed out and drab.
At the time it reminded me of the old BBC filler short films about castles featuring shakey cam sound effects and voice over only (no actors)

here's one



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Great find!!! I remember this one quite well, as I caught it three times with TESB. I always wondered what became of it, along with that computer animated short film about the history of civilisation that was shown with ROTJ. So many echoes of the films that came after this like Highlander and Willow. Many thanks.

PS I think we've just discovered who Kylo Rens Dad was. And is that Reys staff???? Thirty Four years is about right. Just joking!!!!
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