Bith Kloo Horn (Acoustic)


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I'm doing a Bith for Dragon*Con this year and decided to make my Kloo Horn out of wood. So, I'm calling it my Acoustic Kloo Horn since it's stained, with the grain showing, instead of the typical metal finish. :)

It's in three pieces, all of them turned on a lathe and I hollowed out the center piece to fit in electronics to play the Cantina Song. For those curious, it's 32" long from tip to tip.





I'm not completely done yet. I still need the mouthpiece and I want to add two metal rings where the center piece joins to each end to hide that line some and make it look a little cooler. But that's about it so far. I'll update this thread if I add anything new to this version. Also, don't make fun of my shop mess. I like to build not clean :)
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