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This listing is for a 1:6-Scale Subject Delta figure from Bioshock 2. This is an official figure from ThreeZero, which is now sold out and becoming very difficult to find. I paid nearly $450 for this figure, and the cheapest one on eBay right now costs over $500 after taxes. However, I'm selling this for a discount because it doesn't include the Little Sister accessory. All other accessories are included - all 5 hands, the removable drill, and the baton tool. The figure has never been used or displayed, and the original packaging is included as shown. So if you don't need the Little Sister, this is a great way to avoid paying eBay prices or sales tax.

In addition, to make up for the missing Little Sister, I'll include a brass Rapture Medallion Pin. And the figure didn't originally come with batteries, but I'll include a fresh set. I bought non-alkaline batteries to prevent leakage. The winner will receive the exact item in the photos, so please refer to those for a closer look.

US Shipping for this item is $20. International Shipping is $80 (depending on the country, additional Import/VAT fees may be charged by your local Post Office). Thank you for viewing this listing!

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