Bioshock Props and Replicas


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Pretty fun little project, I subscribe to Lilykill's highest tier on Patreon so I'm able to mold/cast his models. He does a ton of Bioshock and Fallout models, which other than Star Wars, are my other two favorite pieces of media of all time.

I needed a mask for my handler to wear while I'm in my subject delta suit (I think my girlfriend will be doing a pretty simple splicer) so I decided to print this guy on my Saturn and get it all molded!

First step was printing, and unfortunately I have no pics of it printing. But I do have pics after I printed, cleaned it up, and added a texture to the model using just a simple primer stipple method. then I just took a dremell and did some cracking, dents, scrapes, etc. just to make it look old. I might do a clean version eventually as well. I actually ended up smoothing down the texture on the high points and detailed areas of the mask to make the details look a little different than the material the main mask was made of.



Then I did just a simple Rebound 40 and Rebound 25 mold on this guy.


A little bit of baby powder, SmoothCast Onyx, and then backed with Smoothcast 300 and it's a dang nice cast.


And then, a quick paint up (easiest paint up I think I've done... Just a cream white base, grey acrylic paint, and then acrylic ink for weathering. Other one, exact same thing, but gold instead of grey).





Pretty quick 2-day project to get some done and thrown up on my Etsy... nothing too crazy, and will look great for my handlers when I'm wearing my Delta big daddy costume!


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Figured I would add more to this, since I’m doing some more just small costume like stuff and some props for the house, to go along with my Subject Delta costume I’m working on.

Here was a Bioshock piece I had my buddy CobbatronProps model for me. Just some coasters designed after some of the beer brands you see throughout Rapture. Printed on my Saturn, made a quick mold of them, and then cast in onyx with some brass powder and black primer for weathering. I also printed the Rapture logo the same exact way (from LillyKill) and made a quick mold. Finished exactly the same as the coasters.

These guys sold out from my Etsy shop like hot cakes, completely sold out for now in a matter of about a week and a half.





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