Bioshock Logo Sign - budget speed build


So, one of my closest friends is having a birthday in the next few days and I'm hardly in a position to afford a proper gift for her (I'm terrible at buying gifts anyway).

We are both big fans of Bioshock, and I thought I would make something unique and came up with a replica of the Bioshock logo sign, as mixed media on canvas.

Materials were less than ideal, health problems and life stuff has sucked my resources dry but I was able to get most of the colors I needed together and some foam and a canvas. Time was short, I had a week to finish, working a few hours a day, finishing off with an all nighter to get it 99% done this weekend.

Not a terribly difficult project but ambitious for my schedule and means, I had to finish the cutting with a dull exacto and ended up needing red and black, the only thing I had was some tattoo ink which oddly enough worked pretty good, tattoo ink for a wash, must remember this.

My reference material:

I began by photoshopping up a line template:

Began cutting and gluing:

The final shapes had to be simplified slightly, reduced to only two layers of depth.

Few coats of primer:

Base Coat:

Detail work and weathering begins:

Finished Result:

Obviously the cheapness and quickness of the project is visible in the final result but I'm happy enough with it and I should certainly hope my friend likes it.
Sorry to bump my own thread, but I thought it'd be nice to show the finished product in all its glory, for the sake of the record.

Decided to make my own card too, for funsies.

Some guys give girls flowers and chocolate on their birthdays, I never really was very impressed by that. we'll see how this goes.
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