Bioshock: Infinite- Skyhook prop


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Dont know if this has already been posted but I stumbled across this at the Bioshock site.
A real world replica based on one of the guns in the upcoming game -



And a few paper props as well -




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Yeah it was announced awhile ago. NECA is making them as part of their Bioshock line. They had two prototypes like that and they gave one away as a prize.


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The original Bioshock was the most replica ready video game I've ever seen. Before some ignorant dipwad leaps in to argue this, let me amend this a bit and qualify that with the highly subjective adjective "cool". I advised a buddy who has founded several prop companies that since his latest effort had evolved into little more than a papermill at the time that Bioshock -with its intense reliance on art deco imagery- would be an ideal candidate for his poster mill.

Bioshock Infinite, with its transition to Columbia and a new mileau seems to be an equally ripe candidate for replicating. When I see this highly cool Skyhook from NECA I instantly am struck by two thoughts:

1). How long will it be before Rylo can build this in metal?
2) How long before somebody makes some Vigor bottles?

By the way: That is not a gun. It is a tool by which the Player attaches himself to the Skylines which connect to the various floating levels of Columbia. Bludgeoning opponents with it IS an option.
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Whew, I thought another RPF member had beet me to it :lol

I've been after some good reference shots of the sky hook for ages. I love the Bioshock series and was stoked that infinity was on the way. I've already started collecting parts I can use for it. I had a good idea what the teeth/hook parts looked like, but no idea of what the rest was like.

Thanks for posting the pics, I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" them :thumbsup
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