bweapon held a competition for everyone to basicaly draw a new pred head for a university project or something like that. i dont really know if its my place to say, but i believe bweapon explained he was only going to make 2 for his project and another to the winner of the design very proud to say he decided to sculpt my design but am regretful to say he asured me that only the two masks were going to be sorry if this offends anyone as i was only trying to help clarify!
any pics of this bad boy demolded yet?any pulls?usually no news is good news so i hope everything is working out for u man!!
Hey everyone, Just to let you all know what is going on with this, Im really busy with Uni work and thats eating alot of time/funds but love doing this Pred stuff. I have this i really wanna get done for Biofreak also i really want to get the Suit done that was intended for Mike Brady, get that auctioned off and sent in advance of SDCC 2011, trouble is im absolutely skint so have spent this week making a berserker gauntlet, should have a couple of resin casts of that in next few days hopefully i can sell those. Also i'm happy to take on any commisions big or small, anything that will help with my other builds.
I really want to finish the full suit in memory of mike but just cant fund it without doing some other work first. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.
Also yeah this design is for biofreak only and personnal at most. But im happy to work with anyone on any design from the ground up. thanks again, Paul.
Just to let anyone whos interested here know, myself and biofreak have decided that next week when i start pulling the latex copies of this ill pull a couple extra.

EDIT : sales are to be kept in the bst section ONLY.

Hey, has anyone used latex thickener, ordered some so i can strengthen the beauty coats of thin latex of the two halves of the mold but was wondering how it might effect work/drying time etc...
Just waiting for that to be delivered then after a couple of layers i hope to have the first pull.

Couple of pics i found taken a while back not long before this baby saw its first layers of ultra cal whoop!!

Pics not great quality, sorry and no pred looks great toothless! ...right?


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