Biochips - Rogue Trooper


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Today's effort.

2000ad Rogue Trooper - Biochips. Another favorite cardboard make from my youth, now in plasticard!

I think this is a bit large, might make another about 15mm shorter.
Plan is to mold and cast, remove the number and remold/recast for each other number so the chips all match.

Pictured here against a pile of back progs for added thrill-power!



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This brings back memories of my youth reading 2000AD! :)
Looks good. This would be a perfect project to carve with a CNC router....
I'll add this to the list of possible projects!


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I made one for my scratch built Gunner,i put a magnet on the back so it's removable,i've still gotta make Helm,Bagman and of course Major Magnum
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