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Hi guys

First off what an amazing site this is very very informative.

ive been into smaller scale stuff in the past, and i suppose this sort of thing is a natural progresion, any how im babbeling.

im looking to get my first helmet/bio (not to sure on the correct term yet) through reading a number of thread's ive came accross
mysteria models and was looking for info/opinion's regarding their deluxe model and their service.
wondering if this is the correct size and would any of you guys recomend this for a first/starter part, im asuming it comes unfinished/painted is this correct?.

any how thanks in advance for any replys.


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the mysteria bio is a bit smaller in scale to "regular" has a more stylized look to it.... if your looking to fo that route by all means rock on.

from time to time you will see a regualr blank or painted bio for sale on here or on ebay....

If your wanting a good bio look up a member here named HEZ...probably the best accurate looking bio on the market


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I too have recently purchased a bio from mysteria and have found them to be on the small side,
am having a hell of a job finding an undermask to fit, had thought of cutting the front out of a rubies
then foaming the rest to fit.......

any thoughts or tips would be welcomed


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I think the AVP bio from mysteria is the right size.

Thanks for the heads up AP i have read on another post that the pirk elder mask might fit
any idea where i get my hands on one or would my previous idea to foam the front of a rubies work
ie cut out the mandibles and forehead then foam the rest
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