bio helmet painting


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whats best paint to use? is it hard to paint them? im debating on trying to paint one myself and save a few bucks.....

ideas? tips and tricks welcome
i use rattle cans and cheapo walmart acrylic paint. but if you can afford it, auto paint is the best. Painted my Green Hornet mask in auto paint, and it is by far the best looking.
well my uncle owns a custom car paint shop so either is not a proble to get a hold of. but as far as colors and schemes? how do i know what the movie ones are realy like? like if i ger a raw bio, and want it to look like one from movies what direction do i go?
Primer and base black paint from rattle cans are best. But painting the color on and weathering is good to use acrylic paints. Not to cheap school acrylic paints, those dont work well when painting....
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