Bio Helmet! Bio Helmet! Bio Helmet!

Damn those things are sweet, the quality of them is just top notch King jamie is simply the best. your custom stuff looks great. i wonder what other goodies you've been working on behind closed shop doors

Thanks for posting them
Oldies or not, I still say they are awesome KJ! Thanks for sharing your works of art!

Stay safe.

Hey thanks guys!

You're right Andrew, my shop is closed until January but the only thing I'm making behind closed shop doors is my wife happy. I've spent so much time in the shop this year, I've forgotten what my family looks like you know. But not to worry, I have a few cool projects in line for the new year!

Thanks again for the compliments guys!
I love the Maul version! Very cool.
(Actually I love them all!)
I've seen the icons one it has a silver cover for the eyes it seems more for display than for wearing.

I'm looking to get a few small 3"x 10" sheets of ebony oxide smoked 1/4" plexi from a local distributor. I figure on just heating the plexi and conforming it to the eyes and dremmel and smooth the shapes out.

The undersized uk helmets i now think just suck for costuming. Who do i see about getting a full sive one?

gbscout, the only person you'll ever need for a bio, King Jamie, the price is a little high, but the quality is out this world !!! *sniff* I would get one but I gotta get a car soon, and insurance for my age is $900 every 6 months !!, *sniff* some day......* thinks to self, "self I wonder if he does lay-a-way ?!"

[SIZE=large]King jamie answer this calling. (gets on knees and begs) "HELP MEEEEE!"[/SIZE]
Again your the man, after I get my '79 Plymouth Volare in the next 3 days or so, I will be straped for cash, but I should be a full spending strength by late feb or early march, after all I do need to get my self some bday gifts ( B-Day March 11)

Thanks again,
...reasonable? Should I be offended?

You can always find anything "cheaper" if you look hard enough,
but the true value of art and craftsmanship are in the eyes of the wise.
your custom bio helms are truly works of art jamie.
The work you put into them is worth EVERY penny you get for them. and your reputation for delivery ontime and on schedule is second to none.
plus your a great guy. so there you it skill,reliability and a great guy.

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