Billy the Doll. (Jigsaw puppet)


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So here I begin to build one of the recognizable dolls ever. Billy the Doll. From the Saw franchise.

First I built a skeleton from the wooden blocks. Glued and screwed it.
???? 01.05.15, 0 02 12.jpg ???? 30.04.15, 23 09 08.jpg ???? 30.04.15, 22 48 07.jpg ???? 01.05.15, 1 00 26.jpg
???? 01.05.15, 2 10 20.jpg ???? 03.05.15, 2 58 43.jpg ???? 30.04.15, 23 25 16.jpg ???? 30.04.15, 23 42 40.jpg


  • ???? 30.04.15, 23 50 19.jpg
    ???? 30.04.15, 23 50 19.jpg
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This looks really cool can't wait to see it complete. But just out of interest and this is going to sound like a real noob question as I am new to prop making but what are you using to sculpt the face?


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It's ordinary extrusion styrofoam. I'm sure you have sen it somehere. It goes in many different sizes and colors. Just google it! )

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