Billy Madison / Happy Gilmore paper prop(s)


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O.k., I put both movies in the title A) Because I think this could make a cool thread all by itself and B) I'm not sure which movie this screen capture is from - but I think the magazine cover he's holding would be mad wicked to re-produce. Anyone wanna take a crack at it?



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Great idea. That's from Billy Madison right at the beginning of the movie. He chases a penguin not long after this lol.

Love both of these movies.


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This is from Billy Madison, haven't seen to many of these floating around on the net, I have took the liberty of getting all the names though, so you guys can give it a shot, see what you can come up with, looks pretty simple, here's the names, Bob Simonds, Helen Ackerley, Perry Blake, Billy Madison(red line through it), Gordon Barnes, Anne Paynter, Fitch Cadyton, Martin Walterson, and Mark Manchester.
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