Billion Dollar Brain Seddon 30 Tanker with Dyson Tanker Trailer.

John Bigboote

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Howdy Folks!
Once I again here I am cap in hand,
But a friend in need right?

I'm afraid I've had to swap countries recently for work and all my Blu-Rays & DVDs are in long term storage for the foreseeable future. Heartbreaking stuff.
What I'm wanting to do is put together a 3D model of one of the tricked out trucks from the Ken Russell Harry Palmer spy flick 'Billion Dollar Brain.'

What I'm looking for is some info and any decent reference, partially of the type of trailer, not just from the film but in general, problem is I know next to nothing about trucks.

Best research I've been able to turn up is that the truck is a 'Seddon 30 Four' which seems correct, the trailer I found refereed to on a website as a 'Dyson Tanker Trailer' but this has born no real fruit. The trailer in the film seems based on something, but still a custom job, odd kind of thing with an angle to it.
I'm just wondering if any of you fine people might have a better idea then me?

Large Scale miniatures were made made for the flick by a UK mob called 'Mastermodels', still around too which is cool, and a few of the lorry's seem to have gotten themselves recycled for the episode 'Super Secret Cypher Snatch' of 'The Avengers' which makes this truck double cool.

Above is the model from the Avengers.

Billion dollar brain.jpg
Above is the model from the original UK model makers 'Mastermodels' - shamelessly nicked from their website
(please do let me know if I'm standing on anyone's toes re-posting this here).

This is the best photo I've been able to turn up with what looks like the real life trailer the film based its creation from.

Halp me Obi Wan Kenobi...


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