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    Simple one this. A copy of Thorin's map from the start of The Lord of the Rings. The segment where Gandalf is going through Bilbo's belongings and picks the map off the table. Using the screen shot of Gandalf picking it up and basing it off the size of Galdalf's hand, I estimated a frame size of 10" x 14".

    I found a similar frame in a charity shop for £4, printed off the map onto parchment paper and suitably distressed it - it looks better under natural light and in hand


    This will be redone once I find a frame closer to the original. I may have to get it custom made.
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    Like all of these things, there were more then one version of the map. There's would have been at least two: one oversized to Hobbit scale to fit Bag End, and one normal sized one for Gandalf to hold.

    One thing I did not notice, they did not use the same image for both maps. Two different styles were used, and it flips between the long shot, the medium shot and the close up.


    Here you have two styles of dragons and mountains; the one on the left has a large dragon and the mountain is sketched, while the one on the left has a smaller dragon and a simpler mountain. The image underneath is from the close up shot from the film

    Now check these screenshots out: first, the long shot with the map on Bilbo's desk....


    Large dragon, mountain is sketched.

    While in the medium shot....


    Smaller dragon and simpler mountain

    The close up though from the Hobbit film where Elrond is examining the map, is the fancier version, which I used. I also used this image to determine how to fold the map

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    By the way, has anyone a better estimate for the human sized map?? I think my figures of 10" x 14" is pretty close. Is anyone able to do better??
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    The smaller dragon is from Tolkien's original map in The Hobbit, whereas the large dragon is a design done for the movies.

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