Biker Scout Snout Detail


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hi guys

good news ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

just got emailed the pics of the part and it looks realy good, the pics are not that good but gives me a good idea of how its turned out

The only thing i don't like is the snout mic tip as its not completly smooth, you'll see from the pics below :cry need to do some more modeling to get the snout tip smoother

The part will be shipped soon can't wait, i'm glad this has finaly reached the final part. but as always my 3d model needs tweaking but hey another step closer to the final product

the fins may look thin and brittle but i've been told they are quite strong, ill post more pics as soon as i get it




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looks good, but if your using autocad i think you need to set "facetres" to 10 if you are extruding that shape ;)


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THAT IS JUST TERIBLE... :rolleyes ....
Hell NO.. That whas my envy speaking.

Its Very sharp and detailed... Great work..
PS. thats my hounesty speaking. :)


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At work we have both an fdm machine and an sla.
An sla (stereo lithography apparatus) would give you a much finer part.
If you have any other projects let me know if I can help.


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hi guys

thanks for the kind words, hopefully the part will be here on Friday

The part has been modeled from pics of the original snout part on the ROTJ helmet, and has taken several attempts to get to the final result.

Natty15 - thanks for the cad tip, the model seems fine in autocad ADT 2006 and also in Viz when i render it but seems to not come out the well when converted into a .stl file.

I'll give it another go as the process is very cheap to do, so hopefully any other items that can't be made from the original parts can now be made in 3d and printed.

Hopefully i can get my MLC helmet finished this year
Scott - PM on its way


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The v2.0 part has finaly arrived safely ;D

Okay from my look and feel of the protype part that i have infont of me is realy good.

sorry for the poor pic qaulity my camera is pants

Below is my quick review:

the good points are

:thumbsup the detail of the part is realy sharp and clean
:thumbsup very light
:thumbsup very strong
:thumbsup very arrcurate to my 3d model.

the bad points are

:thumbsdown some of the surfaces have small holes - but it's not alot of filling required as its very minimal amount of filling required
:thumbsdown the snout tip has not come out completly round, but will sort this out in my next 3d reprint fingers crossed.

I'll post some pics tonight of the part on my MLC helmet and againts a DP scout helmet.


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hi guys

thanks for the kind comments, ive been working on the 3d model this weekend using my DP helmet and meny ref photo's.

The 3d model has been updated and emailed for re-3d-printing again.

Whats been update:
:) Snout tip - should come out more smoother
:) Width and height have been tweaked
:) the two hollow cylinders have been angled more
:) snout tip has been given a hollow centre to allow some metail mesh to be added.

I'll post some preview pics hopefully by the middle of the week


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heres pics of my latest 3d print, its alot better than my v2.0, as i spent sunday afternoon tweaking 3d cad model.

But its another stepp closer to the part used.
PLMK what you think

I've left the centre section out so some mesh/wire can be installed into the tip.
Just need to tweak a little more and i think i may be there.



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Even in its current state it looks far better than the one stuck on the front of my bucket :thumbsup

A bit of tweaking with the cooling veins around the cylinders and I think you're there.
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