Biker Scout Build


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Hello everyone, I'm setting out to build a Biker Scout Costume with the aim to join the 501st later this year.

My plan is
- soft parts, gloves, flight suit etc
- miscellaneous things e.g. blaster
- armour and helmet

I'm using this thread to document my build and hopefully help others with theirs :)

please feel free to comment, constructive criticism is welcomed

more coming soon
Another great forum to get help on this would be

Great group of individuals who will be more than willing to help you.
If you need I made and sell the Biker Scout blaster ( since 2009 , and I sold 83 blasters in my 501st team )
It's made in resine and aluminiun.

Best regard

Dark Fred
Blaster Biker Scout.jpg
the flight suit collar comes up the neck and has a tab that goes across and velcro's to seal off any skin. your link doesnt work either. best bet is a redkap with some mods .
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