Big trouble in little china


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I was at Dragon*Con 2011 and these storms straw hats were very accurate to the real movie prop. Larger than a typical Masterless Samurai hat. Wonder if there is any where locally in the US that they would have an enlarged Ronin-Gasa for purchase under $300.00. Compare to Baron Hats in LA they claim these hats are custom made from South America and they charge in the thousands. Figured I might as well learn about how these Japanese hats are made from Youtube videos. Anybody out there has been able to recreate the movie prop straw hats?


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12661814_1690462421165872_7684817910287821961_n.jpg 12688378_1690146431197471_651330480826163421_n.jpg Here is my build from a laundry basket and Raffia Straw, the brim was a 30" wreath wire from Micheals for $ cost for this build was $30.00 CAN and about 6-8 hours of basket weaving LOL.....