Big Baby Build - aka - suck on this

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Godsmulligan, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Godsmulligan

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    Way to go, dude. I'll be watching this one!

  3. Funky

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    Sure, you can buy the licensed version, but to make your own?

    You, sir, are on your way to being a true prop builder.
  4. Nobby

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    nice one!
    looking forward to seeing how well this turns out :D
  5. Dung0beetle

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    Just to let you know, my pep file isn't 100% accurate, though it is much more accurate than my first one. I only had one good side reference of the replica to work with.
    Good luck with it. I hope my file is helpful instead of a hindrance.
  6. Godsmulligan

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    Thanks guys.

    Dung0beetle- I couldn't use the pep file. Had one of those duh moments. I spent all day looking for it, only to realize I have a mac. Thanks though, I have your dimensions drawn on my work bench.

    Well no welding today, cutting out the side panels took a good chunk of my time. I did get them roughed in along with cutting the bars for the hinges and trimming the stock so it can be repositioned.

    Bought some pre fibered fiberglass bondo for bulking up the stock.

    View attachment 83370
    View attachment 83371

    Metal - free/scrap
    5 new jigsaw blades $20
    Can of fiberglass bondo $20
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  7. Contec

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  8. Godsmulligan

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    Thanks found that pic when I was researching, funny that a forum member made it. Then again most of my research has brought me back here.
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  9. Godsmulligan

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    It doesn't look like a big change but I trimmed the trigger, removed the safety, formed the action, flushed the bolts and rivets, finished up the side panels and welded them on
    View attachment 83846
    I started bondoing the body and applying the pre fibered epoxy to the stock.

    I thought the pre fibered epoxy was going to be like bondo. It's not it's more like snot. I think I'm going to get some fiberglass netting to use with this slime.
  10. Godsmulligan

    Godsmulligan Active Member

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    A whole can of fiberglass body filler and half a sheet of fiberglass netting and I'm finally ready to start sanding the stock.

    The body only took half a can...

    At least it's going to have a nice feel to it.

    Nothing pic worthy yet, unless you like giant boogers.
  11. Godsmulligan

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    Well, I finally had some time to work in the shop today. Man this build feels like it's taking forever. With this cold weather the body filler takes its time setting up. Most of that is over now. I got the stock roughed in and put a coat of bondo on to fill in some holes. I also managed to sand down the bondo on the body. I'll be glad when I'm done with this step.
    View attachment 85658
    View attachment 85659
    While I was waiting for the bondo to dry I started a ray gun. :)
  12. TazVader

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  13. 88reaper88

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    Me likey!
  14. switchblade_slinger

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    Looking forward to this build! Looks amazing!

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