Beware of Ozzie Noriega and raven power on eBay


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Ozzie Noriega

This person sells Indy bust in the rough version. Privately sells the painted version for 375 USD. A IGI member ordered and paid for a painted bust in September2011. Since then, occasionally responds to my email.The responses are very evasive. He confirmed several times to have it shipped but refused to give the tracking number. The buyer was definitely cheated. Therefore I strongly recommend: only buy on Ebay if you don´t want to run to risk of being cheated.I am sorry to write this but it is important that you are warned.

His Seller nameon Ebay: Babydino02


I have a deal with this guy. We trade some Indy's stuff. I sent to him many thing and I'll never received what this guy said! He stop to reply my email and my PM.

If someone could help me to send him some message this could be great!.

This is his ebay page:
Il mio mondo eBay - ravenpower2008

This is his email address:
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