Better pics of my Finemolds X-Wing - big pics

Jedi Dade

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Dude it looks great. I never really thought about it before but I think the EU stuff is a bit ...I don't want to say easier...but less "battle damaged" and that makes it a bit more appealing to me. The original trilogy just looks wrong when even close to "clean". EU stuff look perfect just a little "scuffed up"
Seriously though its an extremely nice diorama! A+

Jedi Dade

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Thanks! I did spend a little time deciding how much wear and damage to model. I figured that Rogue Squadron probably has some of the best mechanics and newest equipment, so I did a dark gray wash and just some basic wear from flying through a battle. I haven't been able to get a good shot yet, but I did have a place where the Future coat ran, first time using it and I put it on too thick, and I tried to scrape it off... It left a neat mark that looked like a laser hit, so I just kept it.


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This is CRAZY COOL!!! At first glance, I didn't realize this was one of the smaller scale X-Wings.

Nice work!!! Color me inspired!!!