Best way to paint stainless steel?


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Question for the group: Recently my wife got me a very cool watch that's made with thermochromic pigment. (It's a purply-red when cold and a purply-blue when warm -- very cool.) Problem is, I'm a big guy and I had to add a couple of stainless steel links to the wrist band. Nobody will notice them but me, but I still want to make them blend in a little better. Assuming I can find a color close to the medium "resting" color of the wristband, what's the best way to do this? The watchmaker is no help; the thermochromatic paint they use is proprietary and they will not sell me either spare links or even an extra band to cannibalize. I sure don't want to buy a second watch. I do have the extra steel links and they are compatible with the existing band (they're actually on it right now) and I have the tools to install/remove them as needed. Just not sure how to proceed, or for that matter, IF I should proceed. Maybe the best thing is to leave well enough alone?
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It would help to see a picture of the band. Off the top of my head I might use tamiya "clear" colors which are semi transparent and build up to a similar color to the band. Kind of sounds like a heat stained exhaust look. Check out the link below for a painting tutorial.

make sure to put a clear coat over whatever you paint as the paint is not going to want to stick to the stainless. Good luck!


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Thanks. I've been trying to get a decent close-up picture; will keep at it. And thanks for the advice; I'll check out the tamiya.
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