Best unfold for War Machine


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Hey all,<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;So after seeing my daughters Pepper Potts, my son has requested a war machine. &nbsp; I have spent some time looking for foam unfolds and the 3 that keep coming up are JFCustoms, JUICE's and Stealths. &nbsp; &nbsp;Which unfold did you use or would you recommend another? &nbsp; &nbsp;So far I have only been able to find the full suit for JFCustom and part of the suit for Stealth and Juice.<br><br>Any thoughts?<br><br>Thanks


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If I remember correctly,JF unfolded the files for smoother building by simplifying them.That being said,you can always add detail later.
I cannot remember though who also included the minigun...


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Hrmm. I didn't even think to look for the minigun in the files. I'm sure my son will want that.. He'll also want it moving but that ain't going to happen right away.
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