Best Tool EVER!


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I'm sure I'm the LAST person to find this thing but It's changed my life. For those who don't know, this is a contour gauge. It's used in carpentry but it's also great for matching angles and curves for all sorts of scratchbuilding. It has saved me many hours of testfitting and re-trimming.



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I had a cheap one from Big Lots or Ocean State Job Lots or somewhere like that. The one I had was too stiff to use on delecate objects. Are the better qualities still really stiff to form over something?


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Yep, those are golden.

I’ve never seen a metal one before – But I have 3 different contour gauges and I’d have been screwed trying to sculpt without them. Over here in the Uk they come in plastic and cost around ten bucks for the smallest version. Almost all the DIY and builders stores sell them.
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